• 4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using LED Lighting When Applying Your Makeup

    Posted on by Glammy B

    They’re all the rage, all the hype, yet they’re all wrong...for makeup application at the least. Giving off a harsh bluish tint LED lighting should be placed at the bottom of your list when it comes to searching for the best light to apply your makeup.

    LEDs are a type of bulb the produces light by utilizing light emitting diodes. Though these tiny diodes allow LEDs to produce light more efficiently they’re not necessarily more effective or practical for in home use, especially when attempting to blend your favorite foundation to your skin tone flawlessly. Unlike bulbs that have been designed for makeup application LED bulbs cold bluish hue tend to cause makeup wearers to misapply and poorly blend makeup which ends in an unflattering result…also known as a makeup fail. Still not convinced?

    LED Lighting Is A Horrible Choice For Makeup, Including Ring Lights...

    #1 Most LEDs are one directional. Unless the packaging specifically says chances are your LED bulb is producing light in one direction. That’s light emitting from the either top of the bulb or in one specific direction. That big ugly one directional bright spot causes LEDs to casts sharp shadows. Ideally makeup should be done with a omni-directional bulb that beams light rays from here, there,  back there, over there, and right here. Yea, you get the picture.

    #2 Harsh Light. LEDs poor attempt to mimic natural noonday light (the best light money can’t buy) is an epic fail. Diodes of different colors illuminated together is how LED produce “white” light, but the “white” light that is produced is often cold, and bluish. Ring lights are notorious for producing these harsh bluish lights. Similar to those HID lights you see at night in oncoming traffic. Yuck.

    #3 Strained Eyes & Migraines. LED lights tend to flicker. The exact extent of this flicker is based on power supply that is built into the bulb and the age of the LED. Extended exposure to that flickering light causes the eyes to strain which lead to migraines. Can you imagine trying to do your makeup with a migraine? Yikes!

    #4 Color mismatch. LEDs have color rendering problem. The sun is the standard when measuring color with a color rendering index (CRI) of 100 on a scale 0-100 producing a broad spectrum of pure white light. LEDs on the other hand hover around 70 or below on the CRI scale. Meaning under LED lights your purples matched perfectly...until you walked outside in the sun. Ew.

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  • It's not you it's...

    Posted on by Glammy B

    ...your lighting or the lack thereof. Stop blaming your makeup skills when poor lighting could be hindering your progression. Great makeup starts with lighting- it is without question the foundation!


    Conventional wisdoms tells us that sunlight is the by far the best possible light known to man but since sun rays aren’t always readily available us beauties must opt for other sources of light.


    The light bulb has progressed quite a bit since the days of Thomas Edison and Lewis Latimer. From fluorescents to LEDs, our lighting choices are endless. However when it comes to applying our makeup, or should I say slaying your face, all lighting sources aren’t created equal.


    Fluorescent and LED bulbs often give off a harsh white light which causes us to over apply our foundation or bronzer to make up for the lack of color on our face caused by the light.


    On the other hand there are the typical household incandescent bulbs that produce a very yellow tint and probably the culprit for your washed out face or powdery highlights underneath your eye. Eh.


    Whether your light is too bright or too dark the results are typically the same...EMBARRASSMENT.


    GLAMBULB is a bulb that mimics sunlight; it gives off an evenly dispersed light that can be compared to the midday sun. GLAMBULB will expose those not so obvious errors that other light bulbs can’t seem to catch. The great thing about GLAMBULB is its base that screws into most standard lighting fixtures. Applying your makeup with GLAMBULB is the definition of a real slay session. And I have to be honest GLAMBULB is makeup’s best friend.

    So throw out those old bulbs because it not you or your’s the poor lighting.


    Thank me later,

    Glammy B.

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